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Day 1: I landed at the Flughafen Santa Cruz. I had to rent a car for this trip. Then i drove to Hotel Apartamentos Praia Azul. The room is really expensive but its on the beach and has a swimming pool. And the weathers nice :) Everything is really far away for walking distance and I didn't want to spend to much on gas so i just ate at the hotel. For dinner I had prawns and fries with wine. I don't normally like sea food but it was really good. After that i decided to go swimming for a little bit. Then i headed up to the room to rest up for sight seeing tomorrow.

Day 2: I ate at the hotel in the morning. I had eggs and rolls with sausage. After breakfast I rented a surf board on the beach and started surfing. In portugal there is surf spots all along the coast. It has waves of all sizes and is a good place for beginners. Portugal is said to have the best waves in Europe. I've been looking forward to portugal for a while because of the beaches. its really nice here.
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The reason portugal has such good surf is because it faces into the Atlantic. After surfing I got dressed then went to Arena shopping. /Network/Servers/cfahs.englewoodschools.org/Shared Items/Home_Folders/Students/zacharyheimann/Desktop/DownloadedFile.jpeg
I bought a new phone and then went to eat at Pateo Do Faustina. I had rice with olives in it then i went back to the hotel. Im gonna spend an extra day just surfing then head to Russia.

Facts: Portugal has a fairly high population of 10k+. The capital is Lisbon and they mostly speak Portuguese. Things were cheaper in Portugal than any other country I went to so far.

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Day 1: I landed at Bern Airport a few hours ago and took a bus into the city. For the remainder of my time ill be staying at the Schweizerhof Bern Hotel. Its pretty nice. I had dinner at Mcdonald's and came back here to rest up. Im gonna start exploring first thing tomorrow morning.

Day 2: I woke up this morning really early. I woke up at like 12pm thats way to early. I headed up to Backerei Ueli Der Beck for breakfast. or lunch. I had a chocolate drizzled crescent and coffee. After breakfast i went to a glasses store just down the street and bought some sun glasses. I started walking around and I came across this river. I learned that its called the Aar river. Its actually really blue and looks really clean.

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Across the river I found a bear pen called Barengraben, or bear pit. that was really cool.
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The Berengarben dates back to the 1440's. I didn't think they had zoo's in those days!
After that i went to eat at the Brasserie Barengraben which is a restaurant by the bear zoo. After dinner I headed home to pack and i'll leave in the morning to get on a plane to Portugal.

Facts: Switzerlands main language appeared to be German. They had a smaller population than Italy and I learned that there was a lot of Diversity. Things were a lot more expensive than in Italy.

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Day 1: I started my trip in italy. I landed at the Centocelle airport in Rome. My first stop was the "Hotel Piazza Venezia" where I will be staying while im here. Italy is very Beautiful and i cant wait to start looking around.

Day 2: Walking around today I saw the most beautiful building. Some people were driving around in golfing carts that was odd. I rode a double decker bus a few blocks down just to do it there pretty interesting. I got off the bus and walked to Via del Portico d'Ottavia for lunch and had an amazing lunch. I have no clue what it was called because everything was in italian but it was good. After lunch I went to this art museum called the valentina bonomo gallery. Around 12 I went to the Pavoncello Bar and had a few drinks. I went across a river that was by the gallery and bar. I went to eat at Nelly Srl for dinner and had this huge pizza. Then i worked my way back here to the hotel for sleep. Im do some more sight seeing tomorrow and try to find something meaningful in this beautiful city.

Day 3: I started my day by going to Angelino ai Fori for breakfast. I had this bomb waffle thing with ice cream in it. After that i drifted my way to the Colosseum and i spent almost 3 hours just chilling there. It looks really similar to how it did in assassins creed, except for all the people and safety precautions. There wasn't much else to do so i went to Massenzio Bar and had a few drinks then went to the hotel to start packing. Next stop Switzerland.

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